Survey for Women

TMHP E-Survey for Women:
The Moon Hut Project is conducting this survey to gather information about how we can best serve women. The completed survey can be returned anonymously by printing it out and mailing it to the address at the end of the survey (with our address as both the mailing and the return addresses). Otherwise, you could return the completed survey by email (copy and paste into a message body, then complete it), and we will remove your name and email address from it and file it anonymously.
(Survey adapted from a survey found in the book, Sister Moon Lodge: the Power and Mystery of Menstruation, by Kisma K. Stepanich, ©1992 Llewellen Publications, St. Paul, MN.)
Please answer all questions that apply to you, in as much detail as you can. Your time and consideration are highly valuable to our mission to help women heal, and thereby to benefit all our relations.
1) Please check all that apply to you:
___I have not yet started my first period. (You will skip some questions.)
___I am a menstruating woman.
___I have given birth to one or more children.
___I am now actively involved in mothering. Age(s) of child(ren): ___________
___I have had a hysterectomy. *
___I am now experiencing the transition of menopause. *
___I have come through the changes of menopause naturally. *
___I am no longer menstruating. *
___Other? ________________________________________________________
*Please answer questions 2 through 11 regarding when you did menstruate, if you no longer do.
2) What is the length of your monthly cycle? Is it regular?
3) Do you experience any of the symptoms labeled as PMS? If so, which ones?
4) How do you deal with your menstrual blood? If you use feminine hygiene products, what do you do with them after use?
5) What form of birth control, if any, do you use or have you used?
6) Do you have any comments to share about how your birth control affects/affected you on any level?
7) Do you keep track of your menstrual cycle with a lunar calendar or other method?
8) Are you aware of the moon phase during which you menstruate?
9) Is there a phase of your cycle when you feel more sexual? When?
10) Are you aware of when you ovulate?
11) Are you sexually active during your blood flow? If not, why not?
12) What are your views on menstruation and the work place?
13) How do you feel about this biological function?
14) How old were you when you experienced menarche (first period)?
15) Was this a positive or a negative experience for you? Why?
16) Were you prepared for this transition? Did you understand what it meant for you? Did it change your view of life? How?
17) How would you have liked it to be different?
18) If you have not started your first period yet, how do you feel about it? Are you ready for it to come? Do you have someone to talk to about it? How would you like to celebrate your menarche?
19) Do you have any daughters? If so, how did you or will you handle their first bleeding?
20) If you have had a hysterectomy, was it complete or partial? Why did you have the operation? How do you feel about it?
21) If you have given birth, where did it occur? Was it a hospital birth, a home birth, or other? (Please answer #21 – 25 for each birth.)
22) Do you feel you had adequate prenatal care, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Who provided your prenatal care?
23) Were you under the influence of pain medication at the time of the birth? Was the birth vaginal or caesarian? Was a midwife or doctor present? Which?
24) Was the birth a more positive or more negative experience for you? How would you have liked it to be different?
25) Did you or do you plan to breast-feed your child(ren)? Why or why not?
26) If you are currently experiencing or have experienced menopause, what has it been like for you? Were you adequately prepared for this transition?
27) Do you see menopause as more positive or more negative? How has your self-image changed as a result? How would you like this to be different?
28) Would you be interested in acting as a mentor for women coming through these life changes after you?
29) If you have not yet entered menopause, do you feel adequately prepared for what to expect?
30) Have you heard of the concept of a Moon Lodge or a Red Tent, where women gather around the blood mysteries? If so, have you ever experienced such a space or gathering? What was your experience?
31) If you have a connection to a traditional form of wisdom about the blood mysteries, or about women’s rituals or rights of passage, would you potentially be willing to share with other women to help us all find a good road to walk? (Please send us your contact information in reference to this question if yes.)
32) Would you be interested in learning more about women’s health, sustainable menstruation practices, rituals, rites of passage, community building, or opportunities to experience Moon Lodge or Red Tent spaces? Which of these interest you most?
33) Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Why or why not?
34) What are your spiritual, philosophical, or religious affiliations?
35) What are your tribal or ancestral affiliations?
36) How old are you now?
37) Please check all that currently apply to you:
___Student: ___High school ___College
___Professional: your profession ______________________________
___Single mother
___Single without children
___LGBTQ: care to specify? __________________________________
38) Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Thank you for your time and consideration in completing this survey for the benefit of all! We appreciate your honesty and courage. If you do not want to return the completed survey electronically, please print it out and mail it to the following address by January 15, 2010:
The Moon Hut Project
P. O. Box 10048
Eugene, OR 97440
Or copy and paste into an email to: themoonhutproject(at)
If you have trouble, please contact us! Thank you!