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Wild Awake! 2018:

5 Elemental Pilgrimages for Women*

Reclaiming Purpose through Play

In the land where dreams come to be reborn...

I am developing a set of five 3-day weekend retreats for women* out of a deep impulse flowing through me, possibly but not necessarily toward a stream of livelihood, and I feel moved hold an informal test run of all five this year based in Boulder, Utah.  I wish to make an offering of this year's explorations to friends, family, and local community. I am excited to offer this gift from my heart to yours, and I hope at least some of you can find a way to participate in some way.    

I successfully led a version of these same retreats based in Eugene, Oregon in 2014 for a committed group of women.  I feel they are a collaboration with the land, so I know that transferring them to our Southern Utah Landscape will change them significantly.  I also see them as a form of group experiential art, where I envision the skeletal guidelines for the weekend based on certain guiding principles, and when the group comes together, we get to flesh out the experience through our participation and the unique qualities each woman brings with her at this particular time of her life.  

The trust that builds when a consistent group of women undertakes these 5 weekends together during the course of a year is powerful.  However, for this year's informal offering, I feel it is best to offer them as stand-clones with the option to do any or all of them as you are available.  I would like to know who is coming as soon as possible, and at least three weeks before the start of each retreat.  This is to give time to discuss and finalize planning based on the specifics of each group.  (You could potentially join a retreat less than 3 weeks out, but you may have to go along with what's already been decided.) Space is limited.  

The 2018 Dates:

1) April 26 - 29 Hero's Quest
2) June 21-24 Deep Collaboration
3) August 9 - 12 Heart Sovereignty
4) September 20 - 23 True Authority
5) December 6 - 9 Transformation

The retreats begin on Thursday evenings and come to a close on Sunday afternoons.  They will be at cost: partial potluck, sharing any expenses that arise, with any donations toward continuing this work welcome but not necessary.  Cost estimates and more detailed descriptions available on request, and somewhat variable depending on the needs/desires of each group.

The vision is for an immersion experience: for the group to sleep and dream together/nearby as much as possible.  Lodging for most Thursdays will be either a shared room or cabin or our house, with Fridays and Saturdays mostly camping, BYO gear.  December we will definitely sleep indoors.  I will organize food and lodging, with input from the group, and I will send out detailed gear and food lists well in advance, once I know who's coming and what the group's needs are.  Each retreat has its own logistics, and there is some flexibility for us to tailor each weekend to the needs, means, and abilities of the participants.  It may even be possible to do part of one weekend to get a small taste of what they are about.  This would be a question for each group to decide.

Each weekend has a corresponding season, element, direction, emotion, voice, time of life... There are many varying systems for aligning these qualities; I am working with the way that I have studied (a form of Chinese medicine) as an organizing principle, because I am most familiar with it and it works.

The "pilgrimage" is in both inner and outer landscapes.  The outer movement over the land is a certain direction is both metaphorically and physically evocative.  We practice relationship with self and other, with the land, with the Divine, with Creator in All, including ourselves.

Each weekend involves movement, voice work, meditative journey, dreamwork, connection with inner marriage and chakras, plant medicine (non-psychotropic), and both solo and group creative process.  We will listen to talks by such women as Sobonfu Some and Clarissa Pinkola Estes during parts of our journeys.  The retreats generally tend to begin with intensive preparatory activities and move into a more open, individual experience, ending with the group coming together to share our stories.

Conference calls or video calls could be available both before and after the retreats to help plan and prepare, and to integrate our experiences.

Please trust that each of these is appropriate for any woman, regardless of her current stage of life, for we all carry the archetypes within us.  Much is waiting to be reclaimed and healed.  We all have much to learn from each other, whatever part of the journey we are in.

Please contact me and let me know as soon as possible which weekends you plan/wish to attend.  I'm looking forward to sharing this beauty with you!  Thanks for paying attention to your Heart.  

Thank You, 
Amber 435~335~73~99

Brief descriptions here.  

*Trans, woman-identified, or gender-fluid individuals who are interested in this experience, please contact me to discuss whether this would feel like a safe space for you.  


5 Pilgrimages 2014: Imagining Sacred Passages

Do you feel you are living the life you know in your heart is for you?  Have you been fully supported to grow into your soul’s purpose?  

Imagine what your birth may have been like if each newborn were seen as a wise spiritual being who brings irreplaceable gifts to our world.  Think back to your first period.  Is there any way you would have wanted your experience to be different?  If you are a mother, think about the births of your own children.  What would the experience of aging be like in a culture that values elderhood as the ultimate goal of a life well lived?

Imagination is a powerful tool.  When we imagine together, we amplify the effect.  Starting this April 2014, a circle of 13 women will gather to explore meaning, healing, and celebration of five major transitions in our lives as women.  No matter what our age, we all carry these archetypes within us as part of the full expression of our being.

We will share five three-day weekend retreats throughout the remainder of the year, each beginning with a co-created community celebration Thursday evening and coming to a close on Sunday evening.  We may decide to further explore together in the times between retreats if it feels relevant and helpful.

If you feel this might be for you, please CONTACT Amber 541…232…4379 or email themoonhurproject@gmail.com to RSVP and come to the informational meeting: Thursday March 27 at 7 PM (or arrange another time to meet with me.)

The first retreat is scheduled for the evening of April 3 through Sunday April 6.  The others are from 7 to 10 weeks apart and may have some flexibility of dates according to the needs of the group.  Once they are set, they are set.  This is a yearlong commitment.  A sketch of the five retreats follows:

1)            MOLTING: The Passage from Death to Birth
            Thursday Celebration: Sow the Seed, a wake for our lives until now.
            Pilgrimage North: We explore the quiet, the darkness, the stillness between worlds, imagining our birth as a conscious act, a choice to embody on the Earth.  We reconnect with experience in the womb, and invite recall of birth memory.  Aspects of ritual, meditation, dark retreat, and breathwork will be employed.  We will use what comes forward in this retreat to inform our creation of the next celebration, where each woman re-imagines the birth experience and welcome that is right for her.

2)            EMERGING: The Passage from Child to Maiden
            Thursday Celebration: Sprout, a party for the day of our birth.
            Pilgrimage East: We explore menarche, coming of age, reconnecting with the vision for our lives that was clear before birth.  We will work with self-knowledge, with boundaries, with forces of nature and growth.  This retreat has a solo camping component.  What comes forward in this retreat will inform the creation of the next celebration, where each woman re-imagines her welcome into a community of wise, loving, vibrant women.

3)            EXPECTING: The Passage from Maiden to Mother
            Thursday Celebration: Bud, a coming of age ceremony for our inner maidens.
            Pilgrimage South: We explore motherhood, both literally and metaphorically, as we embody the power of the creative feminine to bring our dreams to life.  We will work with sensuality, sexuality, creativity in various media, and the symbolic element of fire.  We will bring forward what comes out of this retreat to create the next celebration, where each woman celebrates the mother/creator within.

4)             NOURISHING: The Passage from Mother to Queen
            Thursday Celebration: Blossom, a mother’s day opening reception.
            Pilgrimage Center: We explore what it means to sit fully on our thrones, to be in service to community from a place that is grounded in Self, to overflow with self-love and self-nourishment enough to give truly to others.  We will connect with the bounty of local harvest from Mother Earth, feeding and nurturing ourselves and one another.  Our experience of this retreat will inform the creation of the next celebration, where each woman honors what it means to her to be Queen in her life.

5)            ECHOING: The Passage from Queen to Crone
            Thursday Celebration: Fruit, a coronation ceremony for our inner queens.
            Pilgrimage West: We explore the gifts of the Crone, the Elder Woman, who knows how to grow deeper, wiser, and more radiant as she grows older.  Our society seems to worship youth, leaving little to look forward to as time goes on and one’s value seems to lessen.  In certain indigenous cultures, the goal of life is to become an Elder.  Beauty is not just skin deep.  This is a powerful time of life.

Final Celebration: Seed Anew, an honoring of our inner crones, and a celebration of the cycle of our year together.