Wish List

As far as what other specific support is needed now, here are some ideas:
1) Help send out form emails to people and organizations, seeking support. You would be finding email addresses and sending the emails.
2) Distribute flyers: they can be put up around your neighborhood, or mailed to bookstores, women’s groups, coffee shops, libraries, community centers, alternative health centers, LGBTQ centers, etc.
3) Donate or suggest resources (books, articles, DVD’s, CD’s, magazines, websites, etc.) that would help flesh out TMHP’s women’s holistic health resource library. We see women’s health as being inseparable from our relationships on all levels, so holistic health includes physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, ecological, and spiritual health and well being.
4) Spread the word! Let people know about the website, and what TMHP is doing. Pass emails along to friends who might be interested. Let me know if you would like an introductory email that you can pass along.
5) Join the “Your Moon Hut Project” women’s community networking site (if you are a woman), and pass that along. You can invite friends to join from the site once you are a member. I am working on some material to keep conversations flowing on there. Help with that would be great.http://yourmoonhutproject.ning.com
6) Make a financial contribution. Every little bit helps! Even five, ten, or twenty dollars would make a great deal of difference to our cause. It is important to our standing with the IRS that we can show a wide base of public support, so a lot of small donations actually looks better for us than only a couple of large ones.
Please contact us if you can help with any of these, or if you have expertise or connections related to the items below:
Right now a lot of groundwork still needs to be laid toward becoming an official nonprofit. Specific nonprofit-forming tasks (not necessarily in this order) are to
1) solidify an “umbrella” relationship with an existing nonprofit, so they can field funding for us and pass it along,
2) obtain pro-bono (free) or affordable legal advice for applying to the IRS for 501(3)(c) tax exempt status,
3) apply to the IRS for tax exempt status [in process],
4) check with the OR Department of Justice to see to the legality side of working as a charity [in process],
5) and last, but not least, fundraising. We will need travel money for outreach at a couple of upcoming women’s gatherings, such as the nextGood Medicine Women’s Gathering. We also need help acquiring resources for our women’s health library, and to furnish our Red Tent Village for outreach at gatherings and festivals.
Thank you for your support.
-Amber Van Cleave
for The Moon Hut Project