Wild Awake: Transformation!

From the Rainbow Warrior Awaken! deck by Mara Berendt Friedman and Trinity Harris

Dear Sisters*,

I invite you to take part in a deep heart's journey at this upcoming women's* retreat:

TRANSFORMATION: Death and Rebirth  March 4 - 7, 2019
Entrance to the "Singing Canyon"

Pilgrimage North
Winter season
Water element

Monday evening to Thursday afternoon at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch in Boulder, Utah.

Opening Celebration: Sowing the Seed, a wake for lives we leave behind. Each woman writes her own Eulogy before the celebration. Friends and family are invited for the opening celebration Monday evening.

This is one of a 5-part series, where each retreat has a corresponding season, element, direction, emotion, voice, time of life...  There are many varying systems for aligning these qualities; I am working with the way that I have studied (a form of Chinese medicine) as an organizing principle, because I am most familiar with it and it works.

The "pilgrimage" is in both inner and outer landscapes.  The outer movement over the land in a certain direction is both metaphorically and physically evocative.  We move with an intention to practice relationship with self and other, with the land and nature, with the Divine/Creator in all, including ourselves.

The vision is for an immersion experience: for the group to sleep and dream together/nearby as much as possible.  Lodging will be at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch

Contact Amber to register or for more information.  
Community offering price: $75 to $200 sliding scale includes lodging when you register by February 28.  Food will be partial potluck, partial bring your own.

Winter Solstice moonrise 
Feel free to pass it on.  Thanks!

Amber X. Van Cleave

*Woman-identified, transgender, and/or gender fluid individuals who are interested in sharing this experience, please contact me to discuss whether this would feel like a safe space for you.