Have you ever seen menstruation as a gift, or has it seemed more like a curse?

What if every woman’s first period were an occasion for celebration, welcoming her to a community of wise, loving, vibrant women? What if transitions in her life like motherhood and menopause were met with the support, guidance, and acknowledgement appropriate to the sacred initiations that they are? What if every woman’s period afforded her the time and space outside of the pressures of everyday life to fully receive its blessing? What if every woman’s period were a blessing to the earth as well, instead of adding more disposable waste to the trash heap?

The Moon Hut Project proposes to address these questions. We believe a woman’s moon time is a time of power; a time of creativity and regeneration. Modern society isn’t set up to support or honor the rhythms of a woman’s body, soul, and spirit. As modern women, however, many of us are required to engage in the public sphere much more than in any other era. To do so, women often make choices that are not healthy for themselves or for the planet. We vow to do what we are able to bring these problems to the light of consciousness and to help support women in making better choices for themselves, and ultimately for the world.