The Red Tent House!

Red Tent: a safe, sacred space for women of all ages to build community; to support, mentor, and celebrate one another; to connect with authentic rites of passage and initiation; and to explore and honor our innate feminine wisdom.

NOTE: The Red Tent House was a dream come true while it lasted!  It is no longer incarnated on the physical plane, but hopefully its legacy will inspire others to do likewise... 

Historical post: 
We did it!  We moved into a beautiful house in Springfield, Oregon with intention to hold space for the Eugene-area Red Tent and for other community happenings.  The three of us have been living into the deep question of what it means to be live-in stewards of the Red Tent.  Words like Mystery, Healing, Hearth, Relationship, Feminine Wisdom, Work, and Play have found their way into our conversations, and each of us has experienced profound transformation in our lives in these and other areas.  We agreed to make our home the first priority for the house, and allowing for that, to let the Red Tent unfold through us at the pace that feels good and healthy for all three of us: in body, soul, and spirit.

We held our very first women's circle Saturday, October 12, 2013!  Six women attended and shared our ideas and visions of what the Red Tent could be in our community.  We had a very productive discussion and planning session leading to more event offerings to be held here in the future!  

Feel free to contact us if you know of relevant events or groups, or if you are interested in learning more about our experience with the Red Tent House.